MAP’s Voter Registration Drive

By Katie Anstett

On September 26th, the members of Mitty Advocacy Project came together to organize the third annual voter registration drive! This drive allows students between the ages of 16 and 17 to pre-register to vote, and students 18 or older to officially register. The registration forms looked complicated at first glance, but Voter Registration Bureau staff and MAP volunteers were on hand to answer questions. Students quickly discovered that filling out the forms was as easy as checking a few boxes and signing their names. They were given the opportunity to prepare to exercise one of their most important rights as Americans: voting.

Personally, I encourage everyone eligible to take part in the drive, as it lightens the daunting burden of voting as soon as they turn 18. When I first heard about the drive last year, I was overjoyed, because I am all for youth being more involved in politics and the voting process. It was great to see that Mitty also supports this initiative. This year, I decided to volunteer at the booth and showed up early on Thursday morning to assist with the registration. To be honest, I was not expecting many students to register because it was so early in the morning, and I thought that if they did, it would solely be for a free cookie. Although I have faith in our generation, I am aware that students at Mitty like to take advantage of their morning off periods by sleeping in. Despite my doubts, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of students that were eager to register that morning. They not only arrived early and took the time to fill out the form, but they were actually excited about the process! It became clear that Mitty students truly care about our world and want to make a positive change, starting at a young age.

Often, people assume that a singular vote does not hold power. However, their vote is only a small piece in a much larger puzzle. The magnitude of all of our votes put together is what ignites change and creates a lasting impact on our society. Our generation has a real chance at making a difference in our government because the democratic process allows our voices to be heard. Let’s take advantage of that. It is our time to fight for what we believe in, and most importantly, fight for our future.



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